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Exclusiva: Maria Barracuda Dishes On Jotdog’s Tasty New Album

Right out of the gate, Jotdog proved to be one of Mexico’s most innovative new bands. Their 2009 self-titled debut earned Latin Grammy nominations and even scored them a Breakthrough Artist statue at the TeleHit Awards. And now they’re back with a synthpop gem called Turista de Amor. Vocalist Maria Barracuda spoke to us exclusively about what fans can expect from album #2.

“We are very excited about this new record,” she told us. “We have a lot of fun elements and stuff that really shows off our influences.”

And who might those influences be? According to Maria, she and collaborator Jorge “Chiquis” Amaro come from very different musical backgrounds.

“It’s interesting, Chiquis is heavily influenced by 80’s bands like Queen, XTC, and Devo,” she explained. “While I’m more of a southern rock girl. I like Creedance Clearwater Revival, Lynyrd Skynyrd, and Sheryl Crow. But it’s both our style that creates Jotdog’s sound.”

Listening to tracks from their latest release, you can definitely hear strong classic rock elements. But as Barracuda explained, Jotdog encompasses a lot more than that. She and Chiquis pride themselves on also being a visual band, incorporating costumes and science fiction themes into their videos.

“We are huge science fiction fans,” she said. “We love apocalyptic movies like Mad Max and Resident Evil. But we also love the style of classic authors like Jules Verne. You can see a lot of his influence in our latest album cover.”

Maria went on to explain how those themes can slip into her lyric writing as well. Several of Jotdog’s new songs have dark and brooding themes, but they’re always blended with a fun and poppy backbeat.

“Our lyrics are pretty mature,” Barracuda said. “But it’s funny because little kids like Jotdog a lot. We have fans as young as four-years-old and others who are in their 40’s. I think a lot of people like us because our sound is very nostalgic and fun.”

And judging by their growing Facebook and Twitter followings, Jotdog’s popularity is getting bigger everyday. Be sure to keep up with Maria and Chiquis on their official website, which will include viral updates from their upcoming SXSW appearance!



By Michael Lopez



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