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Experience For Yourself Jennifer Lopez And Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Tribute To The Orlando Victims

Experience For Yourself Jennifer Lopez And Lin-Manuel Miranda's Tribute To The Orlando Victims

Jennifer Lopez and Lin-Manuel Miranda paid tribute to Orlando victims in a live performance of ‘Love Make the World Go Round’ on ‘Today Show.’ It marked their first live performance of the song, a charity single released in remembrance of those who lost their lives in the mass shooting at Pulse nightclub.

Jennifer Lopez teamed up with Lin-Manuel Miranda, the Pulitzer Prize winning creator and star of the musical ‘Hamilton’ for the song which is being released as a charity single. The two performed the song live at The Plaza at Rockefeller Center where 50 survivors of the mass shooting were among the audience.

Later in an interview in Studio 1A the superstars spoke about their joint mission. Jennifer Lopez said she’d had the song for eight months. She said, “I love the song. I love the hook.” She went on to say that after Orlando she “heard it in a different way,” adding that the song’s message that “love is the answer” and “love is what makes the world go on” is what was needed.

She said when considering who she wanted to add to the bridge she thought of Lin-Manuel Miranda particularly after he’d given his powerful “love is love is love” speech at the Tony Awards, paying tribute to the fallen. Calling him “the perfect person” to sing the bridge she went on to say she “stalked him” and he told her absolutely, I want to do this.

Asked about his tribute at the Tony Awards, he said that the Orlando tragedy was on his mind as he and the cast were getting ready to perform at the Tonys. He said, “I just wanted to sort of honor them.”

Speaking of their collaboration, he noted her ties with the LGBT and that her music is heard in the clubs, he said, ”
“It felt like the perfect way to amplify the message of the song.”

It’s just the latest of what has become quite a number of such collaborations and tribute to the Orlando victims in the aftermath of the terrorist attack that’s also the worst mass shooting in U.S.history. Miranda is among the dozens of Broadway stars — including Gloria Estefan, Carole King, Sarah Jessica Parker, Whoopie Goldberg among others — who joined forces to release a cover of Burt Bacharach’s classic ‘What the World Needs Now Is Love.’

Below, you can see full video of both the interview and the performance as Jennifer Lopez and Lin-Manuel Miranda delivering an emotionally powerful tribute in Orlando.

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