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Extended ‘Godzilla’ Trailer Rampages It Way To The Surface

Extended 'Godzilla' Trailer Rampages It Way To The Surface

It’s one of the most famous monster stories of all time.

And now Godzilla has had a reboot – complete with incredible special effects and an amazing cast – for a new blockbuster due for release this summer.

A new extended trailer for the movie, which stars Bryan Cranston and Aaron Taylor-Johnson, shows the back story of Bryan’s nuclear physicist character Joe Brody, as well as the first proper look at the terrifying monster. 

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The trailer opens with Brody working alongside his wife when vibrations cause a malfunction in the nuclear factory.

With Brody shouting: ‘Keep the doors open – my wife is in there’, he is seen running down in a bid to rescue his wife, before making the devastating decision to close the doors to save the lives of everyone else in the building.

Following the death of his wife, Brody is left tearful and angry as he does his utmost to convince everyone that it ‘was not a natural disaster’, before adding: ‘What’s really happening is that you are hiding something out there and I have a right to know.’

The trailer then shows the monster setting off a tidal wave, with flares set off from the top of an isolated building giving a glimpse of the monster’s scales.

Aaron stars in the film as Lieutenant Ford Brody – the son of Joe and his late wife Sandra – who is given the opportunity to be part of the team battling the monster.

A voiceover is heard saying: ‘I know many of you have friends and family still in the city and you want to help – well this is your chance.’

But Brody maintains that they have no chance of defeating the beast, insisting: ‘You have no idea what’s coming – it’s going to send us back to the Stone Age!’

Welsh director Gareth Edwards recently spoke about how he wanted to keep elements of Ishiro Honda’s 1954 movie of the same name.

‘There’s definitely a nuclear element to the movie and my Godzilla is definitely a representation of the wrath of nature and its vengeance upon man,’ he revealed.

Gareth found success with his feature debut Monsters, which was shot on a paltry budget of £10,000(Roughly 16, 600 U.S. Dollars).

The unexpected hit landed him the role of retelling Godzilla, which was brought back to the screen in 1998 by Roland Emmerich.


Godzilla will be released on May 16, 2014.

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