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The Families Of Jenni Rivera’s Entourage That Joined Her On Fatal Plane Ride Receive $70 Million From Lawsuit

The Families Of Jenni Rivera's Entourage That Joined Her On Fatal Plane Ride Receive $70 Million From Lawsuit 1

The family of the four members of Jenni Rivera‘s entourage who died along with the singer in the 2012 plane crash, will finally have some sort of peace. A judge today entered a $70 million default judgment, holding the owners of the aircraft, Starwood Mannagement LLC, responsible for the 2012 Learjet crash in Mexico.

The Los Angeles Superior Court Judge HollyKendig’s order comes three years after the lawsuit was filed by family members of Rivera’s publicist, Arturo Rivera; makeup artist Jacobo Yebale; hairstylist Jorge Armando Sanchez; and lawyer, Mario Macias PachecoJenni-Rivera-Arturo-Rivera-Jacoboo-Yebale-Instagramjpg

The lawyers for the plaintiffs issued a statement regarding the judge’s ruling. “Responsibility for the crash of the Learjet that tragically took the lives of Jenni Rivera and her entourage on December 12, 2012, has now been determined,” the statement reads. “Starwood Management LLC has been held responsible for the deaths of our clients’ respective loved ones and judgment was entered on our clients’ behalf. The next step in the litigation will be moving to compel Starwood to satisfy the judgments by paying the families for the death of their respective loved ones.”

The relatives of the singer and Miguel Perez Soto, one of the two pilots who died in the crash, each have separate civil suits pending.

Rivera left behind a lasting legacy that continues to grow as each year passes after her death, most importantly, she left behind five children who miss her dearly. She was not only known for her remarkable talent and the incredible voice and was also loved for how real and honest she was with her fans and the media. Rivera was dubbed “The Diva of Regional Music” and continues tohold that title.



by Diana Marti



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