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Fans Are Torn Over Plans For A Selena Quintanilla Hologram Tour

Fans Are Torn Over Plans For A Selena Quintanilla Hologram Tour

Shortly after the 20 year anniversary of Selena Quintanilla’s death, the world learns that she’s making a comeback.

Remember that Tupac Shakur hologram that totally creeped people out Coachella? Well, that’s kinda what’s going to happen here, except intensified by a thousand.

The late queen of Tejano music’s family has been working closely with a Nevada-based tech company Acrovirt LLC to create “a walking, talking, singing, and dancing, digital embodiment of iconic singer, Selena,” for a project they’ve just officially launched called “Selena The One.”

According to the post shared on Selena’s Facebook page, “‘Selena The One’ will release new songs and videos, will collaborate with current hit artists, and aims to go on tour in 2018.”

“Selena is a Latin American icon who was taken before her time. Acrovirt and the Quintanilla family are excited to announce that Selena will continue to share her creative talents with the world in a new innovative way,” Acrovirt co-founder Terry Kennedy said in a statement on the project’s website.

While there’s no denying that the 23-year-old singer, who was shot and killed by her former employee and friend Yolanda Saldivar in 1995, was an immense talent who was taken far too soon, the thought of having a digital replica of the star release new music, collaborations and even go on tour has sparked mixed feelings from fans.

Some are extremely excited and can’t wait to see what Selena The One will create, while others are just creeped out.



by Bruna Nessif



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