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Fans Falling Out Of A/C Vents To See Ricky Martin

Pretend you’re Ricky Martin and you’re in your cushy hotel room, ostensibly protected by the very best security that money can buy, changing outfits after a long hard day of la vida loca. A sudden kerfuffle catches your attention and before you know it, some sneaky and determined fans tumble out of the air conditioning vents into your suite. What’s a sexy single star to do?

Would you:

a.) Flee from the room, yelling for security?

b.) Hole up in your bath and call the cops on your mobile?

c.) Throw on a hot new ensemble and pose for pictures with your devotees/home intruders?

If you answered “c” to that question, you are right! Alone in his hotel room with some serious space invaders, Ricky Martin, dad to twin boys Matteo and Valentino, born to a surrogate mom back in 2008, took the high road and made his fans feel like honored guests, posing for snapshots (after getting dressed, though…) and even signing autographs. The star told U.K. morning show hosts during an interview for “This Morning” on British T.V. that he had to humor his fans because the experience was so unique that he’s still thinking about it!

What a guy, I mean, it’s a good thing they didn’t turn out to be the sort of folks who would take photos of a nude celebrity in blissful solitude and later sell the candid shots to the tabs! If I were Ricky, I would have asked to see the pix, just to be sure! I’d bet there are a lot of folks out there who would pay top dollar for those!

What about you? In that situation, would you freak out at the invasion of privacy, or would you be as gracious as the Puerto Rican hottie was to his fans’ just ‘dropping by’?



By Vanessa Beatriz Soto


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