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Feud Alert: DJ Pauly D and Deadmau5 Throw Down on Twitter

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It’s a battle between the indestructible blowout and the giant mouse  head.

Jersey Shore‘s DJ Pauly D and fellow mixer Deadmau5 started throwin’ tweet jabs at each other today after  Mau5 critiqued Pauly’s “Night of My Life” video, which premiered yesterday.

“Well since you asked, i didn’t really enjoy it. it looked like it cost about  $150 to make, and nothing really creative about it,” he wrote.

And off we go…

Pauly D tweeted, “T-Shirt $40 Jeans $120 Hair Gel $12 Being Hated On  By Deadmau5 #Priceless.”

“Hating? the f–k? you clearly don’t know me enough if you thought that was  ‘hating’. was just some friendly-ish advice,” Deadmau5 responded.

“Wonder If I Could Get @Deadmau5 To DJ My Birthday ?? Now  That Would Be The #NightOfMyLife,” The  Pauly D Project star continued. “Maybe He Just Needs Some Cheese To Go With His  Whine … #WheresMyMau5Trap”

After fans got involved and multiple tweets on the whole shenanigan were  exchanged, the feud came to (what seems to be) an end.

“Well DeadMau5  Today Was A Pleasure , Hope U Had Fun Too , But I Got Show To Watch Tonight #PaulyDProject U  Should Tune In @MTV,”  Pauly posted.

So does this mean a Pauly D and Deadmau5 collabo is out of the question?

Let that idea simmer, guys.




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