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Feud Alert! Erykah Badu “Violated” by Nudity-Filled Flaming Lips Music Video

Feud Alert! Erykah Badu "Violated" by Nudity-Filled Flaming Lips Music Video

Erykah Badu

Oh, the naked irony.

Baduizm chanteuse Erykah Badu, who once evaded  arrest for publicly stripping while shooting a music video back in  2010, is now up in arms over a music video by the  Flaming Lips in which she and her sister reportedly appear nude.

Wait—come again? And how did this happen?

The songstress collaborated with the band on their cover of “The First Time  Ever I Saw Your Face,” and for the song’s video, she agreed to drop trou.

Simple, right? Not quite.

Apparently, part of the video required Badu to sit in a tub filled with blood  and glitter, but because she had serious qualms about doing that, she asked her  sister, Nayrok, to stand in as her body double.

Well, Badu was none too happy with the final version of the video when it hit  the Web without her approval, and has posted a scathing online missive to let  the band know exactly how she feels.

“As a human I am disgusted with what appears to be desperation and poor  execution,” she  writes. “As a woman I feel violated and underestimated.”

She takes the band to task for initially showing her what she thought was  “beautiful tasteful imagery” before releasing “an unedited, unapproved version  within the next few days…I never would have approved that tasteless,  meaningless, shock-motivated video.”

Badu described the video, which was posted on Pitchfork but has since been  yanked, as “a poor excuse for shock and nudity that sends a convoluted message  that passes as art (to some).”

Oh, and she couldn’t resist getting in this parting shot: “you can KiSS MY  Glittery ASS.”

The band, meanwhile, has issued an apology, saying they “accept full responsibility  for prematurely having Pitchfork post it. It has outraged and upset a segment of  fans and we apologize if we offended any viewers.”

Just how apologetic were they feeling? Not too deeply, judging from a tweet posted by Flaming Lips frontman Wayne  Coyne: “Dang!!!!! @fatbellybella you really know how to do it!!!! You  hatin on me has gotten the video 100,000 more views !!!LOVE LOVE LOVE.”






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