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Feud Alert: Who’s Calling Sean Penn a “Communist A–hole”?

Sean Penn ended up with way more than his luggage after landing at Los Angeles International Airport on Sunday.

The star got quite an earful from his onetime costar Maria Conchita Alonso.

While the actress was picking up her mother from a Miami flight, she happened  to spot the Oscar winner in baggage claim and decided to confront him regarding  his support of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez.

Not surprisingly, it wasn’t exactly the most cordial of conversations…

Alonso, who wrote an open letter to Penn last year criticizing the actor’s alliance with Chavez, recounted the heated exchange to Steve Malzberg on  Washington, D.C., radio station WMAL.

“I was very calm,” Alonso recalled. “I said, ‘I would like to talk to you.’  He said, ‘Oh, it’s you. I have nothing to say to you. You speak badly about me.’  I said, ‘No, I don’t. I just say the truth. That you are a friend of Chavez and  that he’s a good man. And that’s a lie. How can you do that?’ ”

That’s when things got a bit ugly between Penn and Alonso, who was born in  Cuba but raised in Venezuela.

“He said, ‘You are a pig!’ ” continued the actress. “So I said, ‘And you are  a Communist a–hole!’

“I was so angry and I had all this built inside me for so many years, and he  calls me a pig. I just exploded. My mother was so happy, she wanted to  clap.”

Toward the end of the radio interview, though, Alonso felt that she shouldn’t  have called Penn the A-word.

“I am apologizing for that word right now,” she said. “But I’m not   apologizing for calling him a Communist, because that’s what he is.”

Meanwhile, Penn recalled the incident to the New York Post and claimed he didn’t even recognize  Alonso.

“I only knew that a hostile woman was nonsensically berating me,” he  told  the paper. “I didn’t realize it was that actress. I think I worked  with her  once. But she looks really different. She was uninformed and  impolite to all  the other passengers.”

For those who, like Penn, don’t recall, the two costarred in the 1988 film Colors.




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