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‘Final Destination 5’ Stars Spill Secrets From The Set

Horror film fans rejoice! After a summer filled with super heroes and cowboys, it’s finally time to enjoy some good old-fashioned scares. This week’s gory entry is Final Destination 5 and, as its cast members can attest, it promises to keep you squirming in your seat!

Jacqueline’s character death in particular may be one of the most gruesome. Anyone who’s seen the trailer knows that she meets her unfortunate end during a botched laser eye surgery. And that’s only the beginning. As star Miles Fisher explained, the method of each kill scene will not disappoint.

“It’s going to be great seeing this with an audience,” star Jacqueline MacInnes Wood said. “You almost want to see these characters die, you may even start cheering for it.”

“I’ve been a fan of the franchise since it first came out,” Fisher said. “There”s no psycho murderer in this movie. It’s different, it’s fun!”

Nicholas D’Agosto, who plays Sam, seemed thrilled with the Final product. And even though there are plenty of tense moments between him and the other characters, Nicholas emphasized that working on the set was an absolute blast.

“It was so much fun to make this movie,” he said. “It had such a big scope. It was really exciting. Plus, the cast had a lot of fun together.”

One familiar face for FD fans will be Tony Todd, who returns for the fourth time to play the mysterious Mr. Bludworth. When commenting on the film, Tony seemed surprised and humbled by his character’s ongoing popularity.

“I’m still shocked that I’m here,” he said jokingly. “Somehow Bludworth’s lines are memorable. It’s really a wonderful job.Bludworth is completely honest and he’s a man of few words.”

Perhaps Jacqueline best summed up what horror fans can expect from this particular Final Destination movie.

“If you haven’t seen the other movies, it doesn’t matter. You can still enjoy the ride,” she said. “But for someone who is a die-hard Final Destination fan, there are key scenes here that you will definitely love.”

You can check out FD 5 when it hits theaters this Friday. And don’t forget, the box office horror fest continues next week with the release of the highly-anticipated Fright Night reboot!



By Michael Lopez



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