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“Finding ‘Ohana” – An Adventure for the Whole Family

“Finding ‘Ohana:” An Adventure for the Whole Family and
a Reminder of the Importance of Heritage, Family and Finding “Home”

Currently streaming on Netflix, “Finding ‘Ohana” is a family film about two Hawaiian-born Brooklyn kids who return to rural O’ahu with their single mom to help care for their grandfather.   Their return takes an unexpected turn into a breathtaking adventure, complete with ancient legends, hidden caves and lost treasures.

The adventures of siblings, Pilialoha “Pili” Kawena, a curious and adventurous 12 year old girl and her older reluctant teen brother begin when a journal filled with Spanish entries is found in their grandfather’s hidden drawer pointing to a long-lost treasure which sets them on an epic adventure.

Their arrival to the island is motivated by their mother’s concern about the health of  her stubborn estranged father.   Returning to O’ahu will not only kickstart a rollercoaster breathtaking adventure through the natural wonders of Hawaii — but also a bond with their grandfather who serves as their cultural steward.  They are reminded about the values and beauty of their roots, culture and traditions.   To find the lost fortune they need to connect with their Hawaiian heritage and learn the true meaning of ‘Ohana.

One of the highlights in the film, in between all the boisterous fun and escapades, is a beautiful peek of the islands of Hawaii.  The fiftieth state is well known as a place full of breathtaking natural beauty.

The film underlines the familial bonds that connect Hawaiin families, an element so similar to the experience of Latinos, therefore it’s not the least surprising that Hispanic immigration to the island of Hawaii has grown exponentially in past years  making them the fastest growing ethnic group in Hawaii.

Latino immigrants appear to relate to a breathtakingly beautiful landscape that can remind them of their ancestral homes. Valuing family obligations, the strong links between family members, the appreciation and gratitude to the blessings of a fertile land, makes “Finding ‘Ohana” something more than an adventure hunt; it’s the story of a family who, by reaffirming the love for their land, their heritage, their culture becomes stronger and more united.





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