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Fitbit Tracker Forced To Call In Lawyer After Claimants Accuse Device Of Being “Highly Inaccurate”

Fitbit Tracker Forced To Call In Lawyer After Claimants Accuse Device Of Being “Highly Inaccurate”

Fitbit has seen the accuracy of its heart rate monitoring questioned, once again, as part of an ongoing lawsuit originally filed in January.

The claim, which was filed “on behalf of people who bought these Fitbits specially to help them track their heart rate” argues that Fitbit’s own PurePulse technology – found in the Blaze, Surge and Charge HR models – is on average 20 beats per minute inaccurate during exercise.

That’s what attorneys are arguing after it paid scientists at California State Polytechnic University, Pomona to track the stats of 43 “healthy adults” – 22 men and 21 women – who wore a Zephyr Technology BioHarness and a single-channel ECG sensor for 65 minutes of exercise.

That exercise consisted of activities featured in Fitbit’s advertising campaigns including running, skipping and climbing stairs. The report claims that, at rest, the Fitbit trackers tested produced better results.

Fitbit has responded to the study, stating: “It was paid for by plaintiffs’ lawyers who are suing Fitbit, and was conducted with a consumer-grade electrocardiogram – not a true clinical device, as implied by the plaintiffs’ lawyers. Furthermore, there is no evidence the device used in the purported ‘study’ was tested for accuracy.

“Fitbit’s research team rigorously researched and developed PurePulse technology for three years prior to introducing it to market and continues to conduct extensive internal studies to test the features of our products. Fitbit Charge HR is the number one selling fitness tracker on the market, and is embraced by millions of consumers around the globe.”



by Paul Lamkin

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