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Five Reasons Resident Evil: Retribution’s Milla Jovovich Is the Coolest Female Action Star

Five Reasons Resident Evil: Retribution's Milla Jovovich Is the Coolest Female Action Star


When Resident Evil: Retribution hits theaters this weekend, the film’s star Milla Jovovich will dethrone Sigourney Weaver to become the new queen of sci-fi. Weaver’s reign as Lt. Ripley spanned four Alien films, but Jovovich’s gun-toting, undead slicing Alice is now five movies (and counting!) strong. Is that a good thing? Milla has been kicking butt for the past two decades so we’re saying Multipass yes. Kate Beckinsale, Chloë Grace Moretz, heck, even Angelina Jolie, should bow their heads. All hail Milla!

Here are five reasons why when there’s a zombie to kill (and barely anything to wear) the woman you want to clone is Milla Jovovich.

1. She Does Just About All of Her Own Stunts: This actually makes her more badass than most male action heroes. (Although Jackie Chan is still the real champ.) No one else gives zombie dogs those high-flying kicks (RE1), traverses down a real skyscraper with both guns blazing (RE2), or single-handedly lands a plane on a rooftop (RE4, OK, that was fake). The trailer for Retribution, with her somersaults and other gravity-defying moves promises more awesomeness.

Is Retribution the last film in the franchise?

Milla Jovovich, Paul W. S. Anderson

2. She’s Fashion Designer and Frequent Tweeter: Jovovich tweets all the time, about everything, including her adorable daughter Ever Gabo (whose father is RE director Paul W.S. Anderson). And if the outfit she’s wearing is cool and post apocalyptic (RE3) there’s a chance she designed it herself via her Jovovich-Hawk line. Speaking of clothes…

The Fifth Element, MILA JOVOVICH

3. Milla Makes Anything Look Sexy: The actress made bandages sizzle way before Beckinsale wore that Underworld cat suit. Geeks everywhere first took notice of Milla when was literally created onscreen (directed by her then husband Luc Besson) in The Fifth Element. She wore little and said even less but we all remember “Korben Dallas, Leeloo Multipass!” Sadly, she never did that flaming red ‘do again.

A Perfect Getaway, Milla Jovovich

4. Milla Keeps It Real: On planet earth Jovovich, has us invested with real world stuff like con men, thieves and aliens. Even without all the crazy FX, and stunning imaginary worlds, she’s pretty compelling (and shocking!) in a more down to earth role like in A Perfect Getaway.

Milla Jovovich, Resident Evil Retribution

5. Her Name is Alice: The Resident Evil series is just more fun than anything else. Unlike the deadly serious Underworld, Kick Ass or even Salt, the video game-adapted series is extremely re-watchable. A whole lot of fun. But can anyone tell us exactly what has happened? Maybe that’s why we rewatch. We know Alice starts out as some covert spy to take down the evil Umbrella Corporation, but soon she’s got superpowers (then loses them) and then is cloned (no more of those either), and in the latest installment, it looks like all her favorite companions have come back from the dead to battle the undead. As long as she’s fighting along side Michelle Rodriguez (back from RE1), we are stoked.

Have we convinced you to join Team Milla?! Did we not give props to your favorite sci-fi babe? Sound off in the comments!



by Peter Paras



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