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Fossil’s New Smartwatches Up For Pre-order Starting August 12

Fossil’s New Smartwatches Up For Pre-order Starting August 12

Fossil has already made a name for itself as a reliable and innovative traditional watch brand. They have also made their way into the smartwatch market, and now their two newest brands are set to be released within the month. But today they have announced that starting August 12, you can already start pre-ordering the two smartwatches, Q Marshall and Q Wander, through the Fossil website. They will be available in stores by the end of the month, specifically, August 29.

These new display wearables is evidence of Fossil’s commitment to “marry form and function” as they retain the look that has been a company standard for decades while at the same time, bringing features that people are expecting from their smartwatches today. They have an always-on display which brands are now starting to see can be more energy efficient than just going lock and unlock on their devices. Both have a 45mm case size, can vibrate for notifications, and have microphone and speakers so voice-activated commands can be used.

It has the usual activity tracking and step goal setting that most wearables now have. You can also customize the watch faces and the straps are interchangeable so in case you get bored with your smartwatch, you can change the way they look to some extent. The difference between the two is that Q Wander has a softer design, with its curved, multi-finish case and sculpted wire lugs while Q Marshall has a more rugged look.

Both smartwatches are compatible with Android and iOS and both are priced at $295. You can start pre-ordering by August 12 and by August 29, they start shipping and will already be available at retail and online stores.




By Ida Torres



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