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Four Key Things To Keep In Mind To Get The Best Hotel Rooms

Four Key Things To Keep In Mind To Get The Best Hotel Rooms

When it comes to luck in life you are either one of those people that is lucky at everything; upgrades, extra fries and scratchies. On the other hand there are the unlucky people, those that are lucky to get a half filled fry pack or $2 on a scratchie. Because we can’t wait for luck to get the best hotel room every time we need to look into hacks to make your own luck.

Put is in the hands of a pro aka sweet talking travel agent

Sometimes you need to ask someone else to do your dirty work, in this case a trained professional who knows the right things to say. Former VP of mobile for TripAdvisor and CEO of travel-planning service KimKim, Joost Schreve told Refinery29 you should  hire a “well-connected, local travel agent based in the destination you’re traveling to. They usually have good relationships with the best hotels and will make sure that the hotel gives you the best room possible — and even upgrade you, in some cases.”

Dress the part

Showing up your jandals and rugged denim cut offs might not be the way to impress the hotel staff. Not saying you should get all black tie to arrive, but Luxury travel consultant Tiffany Dowd also told Refinery29  that you are more likely to get an upgrade if you are dressed neatly and act politely.

Check-in late

According to Time checking in after all of the other guests could see you with a nicer, fancier room. savings expert Jeanette Pavini told Time that “Once your hotel has checked in the majority of its guests for the night, they can better evaluate their vacancies and may be more inclined to upgrade your room for free.”

Be old fashioned and make a call

Gone the days of having to use a phone for everything, we are now just another number and name in the system. Make a difference and call the reservations like or the front desk. They are the ones that can give out discouts. According to NEA Member Benefits this is most likely to happen if your stay includes a Sunday or Monday, when hotels have the most vacancies.



By Emma Taylor


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