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‘Fright Night’ Promises Plenty Of Vicious Vampires

For the past few weeks, you’ve heard us dish on the new vampire flick, Fright Night. And even though they’re worlds apart, somehow this hardcore horror film can’t escape the Twilight comparisons. Now it’s time to set the record straight.Colin Farrell’s Jerry character may have fangs and a brooding presence, butEdward he is NOT! This movie is all about 3D chills and thrills and we loved every minute of it!

For those unfamiliar, Fright Night is actually based on a popular cult film from the 1980’s. As writer Marti Noxon confessed earlier, it was a particularly challenging movie to reboot. The original definitely stands alone and has a huge fan base. But this version has plenty of elements to appease old fans (and reel in a generation of new ones).

The premise of both movies is pretty much the same. Charley Brewster, an average teen, is enjoying his life in suburbia, when a mysterious nocturnal neighbor arrives on the block. Calling himself Jerry, the shadowy figure has all the attributes of a shape-shifting bloodsucker.

At first, Charley (played by Anton Yelchin) dismisses the subtle clues. But when people in the neighborhood turn up missing, he begins to get worried. Of course, no one would dare believe that a vampire is living in a Las Vegas tract home. No one but the great magician, Peter Vincent.

Made up to be a Criss Angel lookalike, Peter (played hilariously by British starDavid Tennant) initially turns his back on Charley too. But once the creatures of the night start raising havoc in his Sin City penthouse, he becomes a believer!

And that’s where the fun begins. Fright Night is filled with some fantastic bloodsucking sequences, complete with flying body parts, stakes through the heart, and explosions by sunlight. And best of all, they’re all incredibly executed with the help of 3D!

Even though it’s technically a “remake”, Fright Night feels very fresh and ferociously fun. Two big fangs up!

Bottom line: Mixing just the right amount of horror and comedy, Fright Night is definitely a movie that’ll have you jumping in your seat. Though he may not be as conventional as Count Dracula or R. Patz, Jerry the suburban bloodsucker is one movie vampire you won’t soon forget!



By Michael Lopez



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