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‘Fright Night’ Stars Sink Their Teeth Into New Remake

Hollywood seems to be on a horror movie roll right now. Final Destination 5 scored a nice chunk of box office change this weekend and on Friday, fans can sink their teeth into the new Fright Night remake. Speaking to Tr3s at recent press conference, stars Colin Farrell and Anton Yelchin opened up about the new flick.

“I grew up on HalloweenFriday the 13th, and Nightmare on Elm Street,” Farrell said. “And I had a boy crush on Chris Sarandon in the original Fright Night. I hope with this one, if it’s half as much fun to watch as it was to make, then I’ll be happy.”

Theres no doubt that the new Fright Night crew has a lot to live up to. The 1985 original has a massive cult following for its unique take on vampires. The premise, in case you didn t know, revolves around a bloodsucker moving in to a suburban neighborhood.

“It’s similar to the original because the vampire still moves next door and wants to kill,” Anton explained. “But this one takes a position of looking at teenagers oversaturated with the vampire mythology.”

Yelchin does have a point. With the latest onslaught of Twilight movies, vampire stories have become commonplace in Hollywood. Anton was quick to point out that Fright Night is very far removed from the Edward and Bellastereotypes.

“I haven’t seen the Twilight movies,” he said. “The vampires here are such monsters.”

He even compared it to some of his favorite bloodsucker movies from years’ past.

“I love gore fests. From Dusk Till Dawn is one of my favorites. There was so much blood in it!”

And having seen the latest Fright Night, we can attest that it’s definitely got its share of gore. But, similar to Twilight, there are some rather sensual moments too (particularly between Farrell and Yelchin’s onscreen girlfriend, Imogen Poots). Colin was quick to comment on the erotic elements a good vampire story can bring to the screen.

“Vampires have been portrayed as forever young,” he said. “But there’s also a sense of loneliness to them. They seem to experience the desire to love. They’re timeless and the act of the bite is incredibly erotic.”

But something tells us, you won’t fall for Colin’s coffin dweller after you see the vicious way he takes down his victims. When describing his Fright Night character, Farrell said,

“He kind of looks at people the way that a child would look at a butterfly…right before it tears its wings off!”



By Michael Lopez

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