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Full ‘Back to The Future’ Trilogy To Hit Theaters For Its 30th Anniversary In October

Full ‘Back to The Future’ Trilogy To Hit Theaters For Its 30th Anniversary In October

“Save the clock tower!

In honor of the 30th anniversary of the original release of Robert Zemeckis’ sci-fi Back to the Future, some theaters will be hosting a special screening of the entire trilogy this October. SlashFilm broke the news, saying that with the new 30th anniversary Blu-ray release on October 21st this fall, the entire trilogy will also be playing in theaters on the same day. There’s not much info available yet, but they od say this is the one of the first times the entire trilogy will be screened, not just the first film. It’s all timed for the new Blu-ray set, since the actual release of the original film was on July 3rd. More below.

Here’s the trailer for the new Blu-ray set, arriving October 21st, featuring all the discs in a flux capacitor.

Stay tuned for updates and exact details on when and where the trilogy will be playing this October. From SlashFilm: “The press release merely says to ‘Check local listings for show times,’ so we’ll have to wait for more information on that front. But previously only the original film had been re-released for anniversary screenings, so this is pretty cool.” There are lots of exciting things happening for the 30th anniversary, aside from the Blu-ray release. AMC is hosting a marathon on TV, there are tons of toys and action figures being released like a new one from Sideshow Collectibles, and there’s even a vinyl release, too. It’s such a perfect trilogy of sci-fi movies, and I’m happy to see it returning to theaters. Why not go see it if you’ve got the time.




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