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G.I. Joe: Retaliation Trailer: Which Action Star Helps Dwayne Johnson & Channing Tatum Get Revenge?!

Make way for some new real American heroes.

Channing  Tatum survived the first rumble only to be betrayed by evil  operatives from his own government in G.I. Joe: Retaliation. Lucky for  him, he’s got Friday Night LightsAdrianne  Palicki and can’t-help-but-be-badass Dwayne  Johnson as his partners in camo and special-ops skill.

With a menacing, video game-ready version of the White  StripesSeven Nation Army” thumping in the background, the  Joes show off their adeptness with machine guns, hand-to-hand combat and  swordplay—all fashioned this time around by director Jon Chu—in  this spankin’ new trailer.

But Paramount Pictures waits until the explosive teaser’s final seconds to  introduce the combat veteran who’s going to prove key to helping our nation’s  most elite soldiers out of this mess…

“My cholesterol’s a little high,” quips Bruce  Willis‘ grizzled warrior Joe Colton when Palicki’s Lady Jaye asks  if he’s all right after he mows down a few bad guys from the back of a speeding  car.

Joining Tatum in the original fold, Ray Park returns as  Snake Eyes and Jonathan Pryce is back as “U.S. President.”  Newcomers to the franchise include RZA, Joseph  Mazzello and Ray Stevenson.

The sequel comes out firing on June 29, 2012.






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