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Gabriel Garcia Marquez Embraces The E-Book Age

You’re never too old to embrace the iPad. And that certainly seems to be the case with Gabriel Garcia Marquez, who just turned 85 this week.  The legendary Colombian author is now making his classic book One Hundred Years of Solitude available in e-book form.

First published in 1967, Solitude is considered a modern-day masterpiece. The historical novel has sold over 30 million copies and helped get “Gabo” (as he’s affectionately called) a Nobel Prize for Literature.

And now Gabo and his publishers are hopeful Solitude will get exposed to a whole new audience. Though frail and now largely out of the public eye, Marquez has confirmed through his agent that he’s excited about the e-book.

“[We] do not know if it will be as successful as we hope, but that is the goal,” his spokesperson said.

We certainly hope so too. Because in our opinion, it’s just as entertaining as any app you can buy at the iTunes store.



By Michael Lopez



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