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Game Night – The Bowlero Way! #AsiCelebramos

Game Night - The Bowlero Way! #AsiCelebramos 2

This is part of a sponsored collaboration with Bowlero Queens and DiMe Media. However, all opinions expressed are my own.

As you guys know by now, ZayZay.Com is about entertainment for the entire family.

So when we got invited to the grand opening of Bowlero Queens, you know we were there!

ZayZay, knockin ’em down throw after throw.

Bowlero Queens is the area’s newest and coolest destination for bowling, laser tag, dining, and innovative fun.  With its upscale amenities, inventive eats, and a hip, modern style, Bowlero offers a fresh, new spin on the typical bowling experience.

Let’s think about this. What makes for a great family night? Good food, fun for all and affordability .

After experiencing Bowlero for ourselves, we can honestly say Bowlero Queens has got you covered.

So now that we have established where you have to go, let’s decide what you should know before you get there.

Here’s a few tips:

  • Don’t get a ball that is too heavy or too light. The ball should be comfortable but have some weight for maximum effect.
  • Keep your hand and wrist strong and straight through the release. Start to the release down by your ankle and stop your arm when you get to the handshake position.
  • Not all bowling shoes run true to size. Some brands run smaller and some run bigger (no matter what Zay Zay may lead you to believe). So never be afraid to change your shoes out for the best fit possible.
  • If bowling is not your thing, remember that Bowlero is more than your run of the mill bowling alley. With an arcade, laser tag, and billiards tables, there is something for everyone to enjoy.
  • To make family night a success, make it a point to start and stop the night together. The key to family night is for everyone to have fun without resenting being there.  Maybe start the night with a bowling/billiards round and end the night with the “rematch” game. This ensures that everyone has bragging rights.

Now truth be told, we armed Zay Zay with these same tips before he went to the Grand Opening.  As you can tell by the video below, he does not listen very well.

But come on! Look how much he still had. As their website says, wake up with a story to tell.

For more information on a Bowlero near you click here.

by Ninnette M. Aquino



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