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The Cuban duo Gente D’ Zona is known for its two frontmen: founder Alexander Delgado, and Randy Malcom. Both come from the working-class Barrio de Gente, which belongs to Havana’s Alamar district. From there, they’ve spearheaded a movement that fuses reggaetón “with every Cuban genre.” Now, they’ve signed with SESAC Latina to represent their public performing rights in the United States and Puerto Rico.

“Their arrival to our organization,” expressed J. J. Cheng, VP of SESAC Latina, “is of major importance to us.  With their spectacular debut of ‘La Gozadera’ alongside Marc Anthony, on the Premios Billboard telecast, they show their wide artistic reach. They’re enjoying one of the best moments of their career and are on the verge of releasing an album that will be another huge hit around the world.”

Welcoming Gente D’ Zona to the performing-rights society, she added: “I feel very proud of working with two prominent artists from Cuba, who are great promoters of the new and influential Urban Latin movement.”

Gente D’ Zona is sought-after around the world for its youthful and rhythmic originality, a style they’ve dubbed “Cubatón.” The group tours Europe twice a year and is known for a DIY ethic in which Alexander and Randy take complete responsibility for their work.

“We serve as our own musical producers and we write our own melodies and lyrics,” Alexander notes.
Alexander and Randy’s representation by SESAC Latina in the United States and Puerto Rico is effective immediately and applies to the highly anticipated new album that’s coming soon.

With respect to the fusions that they create, Alexander and Randy note that they’re influenced by styles such as “sombo, guaracha, son montuno and electronica, always maintaining our identity…we fuse reggaetón with every Cuban genre.”

Turning to the group’s lyrical content, the members point out that their songs opt for “a narrative,” inspired by “stories from everyday life” (Alexander), and “everything that happens in life” (Randy).

Furthermore, they’ve achieved historical international exposure as featured artists on the record-breaking hit “Bailando” alongside Enrique Iglesias and Descemer Bueno. This song has spent an incredible 41 weeks at No. 1 on Hot Latin Songs, an all-time record in Billboard’s 28-year Latin chart history. Its total run on the chart is now at 54 weeks.

In addition to collaborating with Enrique Iglesias, Alexander and Randy have recorded with Chino & Nacho (“Tú Me Quemas,” #1 on Tropical Songs, September 2014), and with Pitbull (“Piensas/Dile La Verdad,” five weeks at #1 on Latin Rhythm Airplay, March 2015).

Gente D’ Zona’s manager, Guillermo Morejón, said that the group’s selection of SESAC Latina for its public performing rights in the United States was due to “our search for more personal treatment.”

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