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George Clooney’s ‘Ides Of March’, Wins Praise At Venice Film Festival

We know, it’s a definite bummer that no Latin American countries have selections in this year’s Venice Film Festival. But that being said, there are still quite a few intriguing movies making the rounds. And one that seems to be getting the most buzz is the George Clooney-directed Ides of March.

In case you may have forgotten, George happens to be an Academy Award nominated director. His 2005 feature, Good Night, and Good Luck got a ton of recognition and Ides may be nipping at its heels. Featuring a cast that includes Ryan GoslingMarissa Tomei and Paul Giamatti, the political drama is actually quite timely when considering the upcoming elections.

Clooney also stars in the film, playing Democratic presidential hopeful Mike Morris. Profiling a once idealistic candidate’s descent into cynicism, many have said that it loosely skewers the “Hope” and “Change” promises behind President Barack Obama’s original campaign.

Clooney was quick to point out that Ides is not based on any particular politician or even meant to criticize politics as a whole.

“I don’t think this is a political film,” he said. “I figure you could literally put this on Wall Street or anywhere and – it’s all the same sort of issues of morality and if you are willing to trade your soul for an outcome – I never thought of it as a political film.”

We have the feeling several big wigs in Washington may feel differently. But regardless, it definitely sounds like a movie worth seeing. Elsewhere in the competition, you can a little Latin flavor from Paz de la Huerta in the dark dramaThe Texas Killing Fields.

Several more famous faces have brought their movies to Venice, but are not screening for the competition. Madonna made a grand entrance and showcased her directorial debut, W.EAl Pacino also got behind the camera for the docu-drama Wilde Salome, which will be shown throughout the week.

But for most the judges, the attention seems to directed strictly at Ides of March. You can look for it in American theaters this October.



By Michael Lopez



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