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George R.R Martin Will Show Every ‘Game Of Thrones’ Episode For Free In Sante Fe Theater

George R.R Martin Will Show Every 'Game Of Thrones' Episode For Free In Sante Fe Theater 2

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Just in case you managed to miss all three seasons of ‘Game of Thrones‘ and are lucky enough to live in the Santa Fe area, this might be your lucky day. George R.R. Martin is running free screenings of every episode of HBO’s hit fantasy series.

Firstly for those of you struggling to make sense of how George R.R Martin is screening all three seasons of Game of Thrones you’ll probably be looking for the news that Martin recently purchased an abandoned cinema.

The Jean Cocteau cinema in Santa Fe was set to be demolished before it was purchased by Martin, since then he’s ran a series of film screenings in it, but now he’s showing everyone his literary fantasy world which has come to life in all its glory.

Martin’s private cinema in New Mexico will start with Game of Thrones season one in January 2014 where lucky fans can attend on a first come first serve basis and see the television series on the big-screen. There will even be Q&A sessions with Martin himself, as well as Skype and personal appearances from the cast and crew involved in the television series.

The ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’ author wrote on his Live Journal blog “So, by special arrangement with HBO, the Jean Cocteau Cinema in Santa Fe will be presenting a GAME OF THRONES retrospective. New Mexicans – and lucky tourists passing through at the right time – will have a chance to see the show the way only VIPs and cast members and critics have ever seen it before, at private screenings and premieres – on the big screen at a movie theatre.”

Recently ‘Doctor Who’ successfully aired it’s anniversary episode in cinemas worldwide indicating that there seems to be a social clamouring to see significant television show events on the big screen and I’m all for ordinary members of the public getting to see their favourite shows in extraordinary ways.

So for the lucky fans that live in Santa Fe, or the ‘lucky tourists’ I am envious. They’ll get to see the Red Wedding and the Battle of Blackwater on the big-screen and then meet George R.R Martin afterwards. The screenings are running throughout spring, starting January 6th and ending on March 24th with two episodes a pop. It looks like the screenings, in partnership with HBO, finish conveniently around the time the fourth season will be about to start.

I do have one big concern about all of this. If Martin is spending most of his Monday’s doing this, when is he actually going to find the time to write the next book? We’re all waiting for you George and no amount of re-watching the first three seasons is going to make that wait for ‘Winds of Winter’ any easier.


For more information head on over to the theatre’s website here, and look below for a schedule of the screenings:

Monday, January 6: Season One, Episodes 1-3Monday, January 13: Season One, Episodes 4-5

Monday, January 20: Season One, Episodes 6-8

Monday, January 27: Season One, Episodes 9-10

Monday, February 3: Season Two, Episodes 1-3

Wednesday, February 12: Season Two, Episodes 4-5

Wednesday, February 19: Season Two, Episodes 6-8

Friday, February 28: Season Two, Episodes 9-10

Monday, March 3: Season Three, Episodes 1-3

Monday, March 10: Season Three, Episodes 4-5

Monday, March 17: Season Three, Episodes 6-8

Monday, March 24: Season Three, Episodes 9-10





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