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Gigi Hadid Starts Up New Beauty Collection With Maybelline Line


Kim Kardashian West, Rihanna, Kendall Jenner, and Eva Mendes will soon have some more competition in the celebrity beauty range stakes. Famed catwalker Gigi Hadid has just announced that she’s planning a collaboration with Maybelline, who recently partnered with beauty blogger Shayla Mitchell.

The supermodel and the beauty brand both teased the Gigi x Maybelline collection on social media, but beyond that, details are few. According to 22-year-old Hadid, seen posing behind a colorful array of shadows, pencils, and lipsticks, the collaboration was a “year in the making” and is “coming soon.”

Maybelline, meanwhile, has unveiled a nifty “GH” logo and a split-second shot of what appears to be a creamy rose-hued lipstick.

dedicated site for the collaboration turns up some additional info. It’ll be released in 13 days (that’s the October 21-22 weekend), and will include a bright coral powder blush stamped with Hadid’s initials. Fans can also sign up to be notified when the collection drops.

It’s also worth noting that Maybelline’s promo video features a peach and blush color scheme — a hint, perhaps, of the packaging to come? The butterflies dangling in the background of Hadid’s photo, which Maybelline also shared, may also hold a clue. The Maybelline video shows the “GH” logo transforming into a shimmering, multicolored foil which echoes the iridescent effect of a butterfly’s wings.

And now that we’ve really fallen down the rabbit hole, please enjoy this photo of Hadid in a butterfly-inspired costume for last year’s Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.

Of course, a sometimes a butterfly is just a butterfly. Based on the Gigi x Maybelline site, we can at least count on soft peachy and coral hues being involved. Beyond that, we’ll just have to wait and see.




By Erin Donnelly

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