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Gitkin New EP Out Now

Gitkin New EP, “De La Canción” Out Now
With Tastemaker Wonderwheel Recordings!

After two outstanding releases on Wonderwheel Recordings (2018’s “5 Star Motel” LP, and 2019’s “Saint Claude Dash / Chicha Nola” 7”), Gitkin is back with a new EP, along with two remixes from Pimps Of Joytime. “De La” – which features NYC-based singer Carol C – was inspired by the Saharan Tuareg sound, while also embracing Carl C’s Afro-Dominican roots with a beautiful melody and Spanish lyrics.

The second track, “Canción De Aplauso,” fuses classic joyful cumbia with 70s Afrobeat, Cuban tumbao, and a bit of middle eastern flavour for good measure. The electric Guild twelve-string guitar sound is reminiscent of Turkish Saz, eliciting a festive vibe that gets the crowd grooving in live sets.

Both songs see remixes by The Pimps of Joytime, with “De La” delving further into the trance sound. “Canción De Aplauso” gets a gogo retouch, inspired by Washington DC’s Chuck Brown, with the addition of some 70’s style funk slap bass.

“De La Canción” EP is out now on Wonderwheel Recordings. (

“De La Canción” EP Tracklisting:
“Canción De Aplauso” Pimps of Joytime Remix
“De La” (Feat. Carol C) Pimps of Joytime Remix
“Canción De Aplauso”
“De La” (Feat. Carol C)

Gitkin is the alter ego of Pimps Of Joytime front man and Grammy nominated producer, Brian J. The mysterious hybrid of styles on his first album, 5 Star Motel is both beguiling and enchanting. A style he has dubbed “Outernational Psychedelic Twang”. With influences ranging from Peruvian Chicha to 60’s Pakistani surf rock, Gitkin weaves a tapestry of sonic goodness featuring flavorful guitar stylings, hand clapping grooves and intriguing compositions. “It’s all funk to me” says Brian J when asked about the eclectic influences of the project. Backed by a stellar cast of musicians, Gitkin has generated a buzz playing exclusive shows in NYC and San Francisco. On stage, the live band delivers a spirited performance, captivating their audiences.





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