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Gloria Trevi And ‘Gloria’ Producers Reconcile

Gloria Trevi And 'Gloria' Producers Reconcile

Trevi heads to Austin for SxSW Premiere and Panel on March 17

NEW YORK—March 16, 2015-–Superstar, performer, songwriter and multi-million selling recording artist GLORIA TREVI will appear on the red carpet at the Topfer Theatre at Zach during South By Southwest (SXSW) on Tuesday, March l7, for the US Premiere of Picturehouse’s Gloria, the riveting film based on her early career that will be released in theaters on June 5.

The acclaimed Trevi, who revolutionized music in the ‘90s, will also sit for an onstage interview session with Leila Cobo, Executive Director, Latin Content and Programming at Billboard Magazine, earlier in the day at 5:00pm at the Austin Convention Center, in Ballroom F.

Trevi and Pelo Suelto México, the Producers of the film, have resolved previously publicized differences and the Producers, who owned her life rights, have reverted rights back to Trevi.

“We are pleased to have resolved our differences with the producers of the film,” says Guillermo Rosas, Trevi’s manager.  “Things got off to a rocky start, due to a conflict with a third party, which will remain in the hands of our legal team, but there are no more conflicts with the producers at Pelo Suelto.”

In Trevi’s words: “This was not easy considering ongoing intrigue from third parties which made me question the integrity of the film. But public comments encouraged me to listen and see, so thank you!!!  With differences now settled with the producers and myself, I can  give my support to this Mexican production which ultimately has a positive message:  One’s life can unravel, but you can start over and fill it with beautiful things and Glory!!”

“We are glad that we have been able to close this chapter with Gloria Trevi,” said producers Matthias Ehrenberg and Ricardo Kleinbaum.  “It has been our intention that she become part of this great movie since the beginning.  We are absolutely sure that audiences will enjoy the movie, which has great performances and an incredible reconstruction of the singles that made her famous.”

“Gloria Trevi had a tough but inspiring life story that really resonated with me, and I hope this film, based on her life, will move audiences in the same way,” says Christian Keller, director and producer of the Mexican production.  “This has been a long journey for everyone involved and we are very happy to have resolved our issues and look forward to working together on the release of GLORIA in the US.”


About the film, GLORIA

A film as provocative as Trevi herself, Gloria chronicles the sacrifices, risks and secrets behind the successful career of one of the supernovas of Mexican pop. The film GLORIA is not a documentary; it’s a narrative film with the dramatic license that all movies take, but it captures the period and the struggle of a young artist in the beginning of her career, and specifically in Mexico and Latin American, showing what it was like. A bold and compelling musical drama about ambition, betrayal and redemption, the film stars newcomer Sofía Espinosa, who explodes on screen in the title role and sings eight of Trevi’s songs, and the renowned Mexican actor Marco Pérez (Amores Perros, Trade).  Picturehouse will open the film in theaters on June 5.

Gloria is directed by Christian Keller from a screenplay by Sabina Berman (Backyard, Pancho Villa and a Naked Woman). The film is produced by Matthias Ehrenberg (Before Night Falls, Chance) Alan B. Curtiss (The Prestige, The Green Mile), Barrie M. Osborne (The Great Gatsby, The Lord of the Rings trilogy) and Christian Keller. Ricardo Kleinbaum (Triumph of Love, Love Rules) is executive producer.

The film also features Tatiana del Real (La Cama, Me Mueves), Ximena Romo (El color de la pasión, Voy a explotar) Karla Rodriguez, Estrella Solís, Alejandra Zaid (Emperatriz, Cada quien su santa) and Alicia Jaziz (UEPA: Un Escenario Para Amar, Amore Sin Reserva).


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