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‘Godzilla’ Movie: 2014 Release Date Planned

'Godzilla' Movie: 2014 Release Date Planned


“Godzilla” is coming back to theaters in 2013. Reached for comment, the giant mutated lizard kept things simple: “Roar.”

Warner Bros. announced on Thursday night that “Godzilla” will arrive on May 16, 2014. The studio had teased Godzilla’s return with a well-received trailer at this year’s Comic-Con. Per the AP:

The brief clip showed crumbling buildings, a flattened train and human bodies flattened like bugs, then a glimpse at the massive, multi-limbed monster. The clip closed with Godzilla’s threatening roar.

Gareth Edwards will direct “Godzilla,” which is set to be a real-world take on the famed monster. “[‘Godzilla’] will return the character to its epic roots with a gritty, realistic actioner,” the studio said in a statement to THR.

The creature first appeared in Ishirō Honda’s 1954 film “Godzilla”; the last attempt to bring the daikaijū to the screen was in 1998, when Roland Emmerich directed “Godzilla.” That film was a critical and commercial disappointment, grossing just $136 million in North America and $379 million worldwide. Ironically, Emmerich’s “Godzilla” was released on May 20, 1998, just over 16 years to the day that Edwards’ “Godzilla” will unspool.



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