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Gossip Girl Redux: Scoop! Which Fan-Favorite Couple Might Be Making a Surprise Comeback?


If you’re longtime Gossip Girl fans like us, we’re guessing you had  that exact reaction during tonight’s epic Chuck (Ed  Westwick) and Blair (Leighton  Meester) scene, which featured a much-needed apology and some  longing glances.

We also got a prince turning to the dark side, a possible new couple and the  death of a film. Yes, it was a pretty action-packed hour. Plus, we’ve also got  scoop on what’s to come, like the return of a fan favorite couple


A Long Time Coming: Let’s discuss that final Chuck and Blair  scene first, shall we? I think we can all agree that it was a long time coming,  with Chuck doling out an epic apology that was seasons in the making. “I’m  sorry for losing my temper the night you told me Louis proposed to you. I’m  sorry for not waiting longer at the Empire State building. I’m sorry for  treating you like property. I’m sorry I didn’t tell you I loved you when I knew  I did. Most of all, I’m sorry that I gave up on us and you never did,” Chuck  tells a speechless and touched Blair. His apology signified that Chuck is  finally ready to let go of Blair and take care of himself, while Blair seemed  conflicted. Could her feelings for the Dark Knight be returning?

Louis the Schemer: It seems like Blair’s old scheming ways  (which returned in fine form tonight via her truly epic bridesmaid tryout) are  rubbing off on the prince, as he is paying Dr. Eliza Barnes to push Chuck off  the edge. “He’s a timebomb,” he seethes. “Find his fuse and light it.”  Louis (Hugo Becker), minus a twirly villainous mustache, wants  Chuck to turn back into the hotel-lovin’, Blair-sellin’ monster he used to be.  After seeing Chuck give up Blair’s engagement ring (he’s been hanging onto it!),  the therapist tells Louis the deal is off.

Natch, Chuck finds out and exposes Dr. Barnes and Louis at the party o’ the  week. When Louis tells Blair he found the paternity test, which told him she  still wasn’t sure who she wanted to be with, she tells him, “Chuck and I  could never work. Chuck destroys everybody and everything in his life. What’s  scaring me is that you’re changing into him.” Feel the burn, Louis! P.S. Sorry  Chair fans hoping for a Bass baby, the child is definitely the prince’s, as we  mentioned earlier. Discuss!

Dan Gets Zuckerberg’d: Darn those sneaky film people!  After scaring Dan (Penn Badgley) with the idea of  turning Inside into Gleeside, causing him  to pass on writing the screenplay, Jane (Michael Michele)  reveals she’s had Aaron Sorkin(!) lined up for a  week and tricked Dan into leaving the project. Turns out, they want to turn Dan  Humphrey into the next Mark Zuckerberg, making Inside the tale of a struggling writer who sells out his friends and family for  fame and fortune. Serena (Blake  Lively), who promised Dan she would protect him and his story, has  the project killed, losing her job in the process. Luckily, we think, Diana  (Elizabeth  Hurley) is right there to offer her a job as a blogger for The  Spectator, giving S control over her image for the first time in her life. Enjoy  it while you can, Van der Woodsen, ’cause we’re sure Gossip Girl is not going to  be pleased about this!

A New Couple Emerges?: Nate (Chace  Crawford), who is hurt that Diana won’t go public with their  relationship, and Charlie (Kaylee Defer), who is desperate to  please Diana the blackmailer, came together tonight and we won’t lie, we  actually really enjoyed these two together. Also, their makeout session tonight  means that Nate has hooked up with every female series regular on the show.  Swag!


Dair Returns: While the Dan and Blair “friendship” has taken  a backseat the past few episodes, this ship is still alive and well. In our most  recent Spoiler Chat, we revealed that the sparks could be flying  between these two again. Executive producer Josh Safran told us  at the beginning of the season that “Dan definitely has feelings for Blair” and  wouldn’t have a new love interest any time soon, we’re hearing the other half of  this pairing may start rethinking her “there’s nothing going on between us”  stance. Surprised? Us too!

Sorry, Charlie!: We’re guessing Charlie won’t heed Diana’s  warning to stay away from her boytoy Nate. Why do we think this? Because  Charlie’s secret, you know, the fact that she’s actually an actress named Ivy,  is coming out! Yes, everyone will find out that she’s been lying about who she  is, but don’t think that means she’s leaving the UES. Ivy and Carol  (Sheila Kelley) find a way to cover up their little mess. So  yes, prepare for some more Charate/Narlie/Natlie/whatever the kids are calling  Charlie and Nate these days.

The Bitch Is Back: In case you missed this totally  awesome news, Georgina Sparks will be making her return to the city…just in time for  Blair’s royal wedding. Michelle  Trachtenberg tells us she’s definitely part of the show’s big  100th episode and that Georgina “can’t help but be evil, even when she pretends  to be good.” We. Can’t. Wait.

Gossip Girl Fights For Her Right to Gossip! Though she’s  remained relatively quiet on the subject of Diana trying to overthrow her Gossip  empire, don’t expect Gossip Girl to take this lying down. GG becomes a character  more than ever this season when her relevance is jeapordized by Diana’s  expanding media empire. Kristen  Bell, show your face already!

What did you think of tonight’s episode, Gossip Girl fans? Are you  still swooning over Chuck’s apology? What do you think will happen to Dan now  that the film is dead and the book is losing steam?

Sound off in the comments!






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