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Grant Gustin Tells How He Trained To Keep Up With His Role As ‘The Flash’

Grant Gustin Tells How He Trained To Keep Up With His Role As ‘The Flash’

The much-anticipated Season 3 of “The Flash” premieres Tuesday night. Ahead of the big premiere, Hilary Kennedy got the chance to go behind the scenes during filming and catch up with Grant Gustin on set.

In case you don’t already know, The Flash‘s superpower is the ability to run at lightning-fast speeds with superhuman reflexes. This requires a lot physically from Gustin, including running which, as it turns out, was never Gustin’s cup of tea.

“I never enjoyed running,” Gustin even said.

Gustin’s actually always been fast, he admitted, but just didn’t like running.

“I quit soccer as a kid because I was like ‘we’re just running! We’re just running back and forth,'” Gustin added.

So how’d he get up to speed for the big role? Gustin told us he actually trained with an Olympic running coach, which helped him gain some weight and prepare for all the sprinting.

We also asked Gustin what he would be doing if he wasn’t performing.

“I don’t know. I never had a backup plan. I got lucky and I got to play a superhero.”

Watch the video above to check out our interview with Grant Gustin. Season 3 of “The Flash” premieres Tuesday, October 4 at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.



By Joseph Miner



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