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Grey’s Anatomy Redux: Oh My God, They Killed…

Grey’s Anatomy goes dark for 2011 in the most heartbreaking way possible. Yeah, that really  just happened. Yeah, we’re have a hard time accepting it too.

Will this pain in our hearts ever subside? Was this another Denny situation?  And what the heck just happened in those final seconds? Plus, get the scoop on  what we can expect when Grey’s returns in the New Year


We Are Deep in Denial: We just need to take  a moment to compose ourselves: mop up the tears, control our weeping, the usual.  We’ve seen the writing on the wall for weeks, maybe months, but our love for Scott  Foley lead us to (wrongly) presume Shonda Rhimes couldn’t kill off Noel Freaking Crane. Sob!

Now to get to the actual heartbreaking Henry dying business. It opened the  floodgates of tears. Add that to Cristina’s flippant attitude to the mystery  patient and former Chief Webber’s (James  Pickens Jr.) refusal to stop chest compressions. Then witnessing  Cristina (Sandra  Oh) learning who just died on the table. It was heartbreaking in  all the worst, and perfect, ways. Hello, Owen’s (Kevin  McKidd) dying-inside face. And we still haven’t even seen Teddy’s  (Kim Raver) reaction yet. We so wanted to be wrong about this  storyline. Instead, we are crushed.

Dark and Stormy Night: One thing we noticed about this  episode was the very different pacing. A slow build not unlike a campfire horror  story where we constantly waited for the other shoe to drop. Alex (Justin Chambers)  and Meredith (Ellen  Pompeo) go to the boonies to collect a teeny tiny baby. Alex gets  the chance to go Peds doc MacGyver, but of course in bad weather the ambulance  breaks down. And of course they are sitting ducks in a powder keg of oxygen  tanks. But something odd happens, the ambulance doesn’t blow up… yet. And  Meredith and Alex talk about feelings as much as Meredith and Alex are capable.  But that eerie shot of the bodies strewn outside really has us worried for Alex  and Meredith’s safety next episode.

Bringing Home Baby: Finally some news on Meredith and  Derek’s (Patrick  Dempsey) MIA baby! But it’s pretty much the worst news possible.  When Meredith says: “I’m never going to see her again,” it was like a crying  button was pressed and we were only five minutes into the show. We really hope  this isn’t the end of the adoption story because it feels like a letdown after  weeks of buildup. And it all happens through a phone call?! We have a hard time  believing we won’t get a chance to see Meredith fight for Zola. We have been  known to live in denial before. See: Henry’s complete Grey’s run.

M.D. Malpractice: From the moment we saw that sweet patient  of Callie’s (Sara  Ramirez) with the adorable son and nice husband, we knew no good  could come from it. And we were right. Not only did she start gushing blood like  a Halloween slasher movie, but the giant potential malpractice suit of why she  was in there brought reality crashing down around us. Callie and Jackson  (Jesse Williams) are so screwed. Literally. With a screw that  came loose from the patient’s spine. We just know this isn’t over and  someone could have a serious career setback over this one.


“She told you to go screw yourself. We could hear it all the way from  here.”—Meredith
“She’s a baby, not a timeshare in Cabo.”—Derek


Rocky Relationship: Teddy and Cristina’s working  relationship has been uneven from the start. It’s had all the dramatic ups and  downs of typical Grey’s romance but without the girl on girl action. So  can Teddy ever forgive Cristina for killing her husband? That might not be a  fair assessment of what happened in the OR, but we’re going to brace ourselves  for epic fallout in 2012.

All the Single Ladies: Well, really just one single lady:  Lexie (Chyler  Leigh). Will Lexie still be denying her feelings for Mark  (Eric Dane)  now that Jackson is out of the way? We assume that the pesky softball playing  girlfriend is still in the picture. But what is one meddling Mark Sloan love  interest when soul mates are on the line? Soul mates we tell you!

Are you as heartbroken as us over Henry’s death? We’re starting a support  group for all of us emotionally invested in Grey’s Anatomy characters  and are convinced the two-month wait for a new episode may actually destroy  us.

Meeting begins in the comments…now!




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