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GOOGLE Finally Shares How Much They Paid The Guy Who Bought

GOOGLE Finally Shares How Much They Paid The Guy Who Bought

Last October, ex-Google employee Sanmay Ved somehow managed to purchase “” from Google Domain when the company apparently forgot to renew its domain name. Although he only owned it for about a minute before Google reversed the transaction, Ved announced in a LinkedIn post — because where else do you post stories about domain mishaps — that Google Security reached out to offer him a reward, but didn’t share the amount, only noting that the reward was offered “in a very Googley way.”

As first spotted by 9to5Google, Google Security has revealed the payment as part of its year in review blog post, and it will make dads (and only dads) laugh around the globe. Google paid Ved $6,006.13 — which spells out Google if you squintreal hard —  before doubling the total when he donated it to charity. Because Google can make a funny too. Dad jokes are unavoidable. Soon we will all be a dad joke.



by Micah Singleton

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