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Halloween Sites Share The Season’s Hottest Costume Ideas

It’s hard to believe that Halloween is just a week away. Before you know it, the fiestas will be in full effect and tricks-and-treats will be flying fast. But if you’re still struggling to find that “perfect costume,” don’t worry. Several of the nation’stop party store sites have broken down the best getups of the season and here’s a few we think are definitely worth putting on your radar.

Angry Birds – Was there any doubt that the biggest stars of the Smartphone era would dominate Halloween? Sites like Party City are offering full-blown red feather get ups, Bird-faced masks, and even giant green heads meant to simulate the piggies. Just be careful though, if the alcohol starts flowing you may find yourself bashing into walls.

Sue Sylvester – Straight from the halls of McKinley High comes this very creative Glee getup. Featuring a short blonde wig, red track pants, and that notorious neck whistle, this is one costume you can have A LOT of fun with. And if you’re going out with a group, why not add some cheerleaders and jocks to the mix for a full-blown Karaoke ensemble?

Charlie Sheen – Sure he had his meltdown over eight months ago. That doesn’t mean the Warlock-inspired Charlie Sheen getup is any less inspired. Several mask makers have constructed rubberized versions of Charlie’s face and, we have to admit, the resemblance is uncanny. Of course the real kicker with this one is, Sheen has vowed to go as “himself” too!

Steve Jobs – Definitely a timely costume idea, expect to see a ton of tech geeks don the turtleneck and glasses this year. Since his passing earlier in the month,Jobs tributes have been pouring over the internet. And if you think about it, what better way to honor the Apple genius than by simulating his likeness on the trick-or-treat circuit?

Occupy Wall Streeters – We’ve got to admit, there is a lot of creative potential with this idea. You could simulate the Occupy Gotham City version of Batman, dress as a bongo-playing rebel, or just turn yourself into a bloodsucking version of a Wall Street exec. Whatever your choice, it can be done cheaply and it’ll surely stir up conversations around the punch bowl.

Walter Mercado – Guanabee definitely had us roaring when they came up with this idea. The legendary Puerto Rican astrologer may now be neck-and-neck with Michael Jackson in the nip/tuck department. Add to that his bright blonde hair and outrageous clothes and you’ve got a costume that’ll have everyone talking. Plus with all of Mercado’s trademark makeup, this getup could work for a guy or a girl!



By Michael Lopez



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