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Happy 24th Birthday, Rihanna!

To think that we’ve witnessed this Barbados beauty win multiple music awards, dye her hair almost every color in our crayon box and land  her own fashion TV show…they just grow up so fast.

Wait, is “grow up” the right term? Anyhoo…

Today marks Rihanna‘s 24th birthday!

How will the edgy singer celebrate?

We really don’t know what there is left to do, seeing as Ri-Ri has been  celebrating her big day for a while now, but she can surely think of something.  We also don’t know if Chris Brown will be part of the  festivities, but even if he is, they’re “just friends” so we really shouldn’t care either way.

What we do know (or at least assume) is that there will be cake. And who  doesn’t love cake?! (Speaking of birthday cake, did you hear about her possible collabo with Brown on her song?)

Whatever shenanigans this li’l lady gets into, we hope it’s a birthday to  remember.




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