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Hartford’s Xenia Rubinos Announces Her Bid To Win America As XENIA2020

Hartford, CT’s unofficial patron diosa Xenia Rubinos announces her bid to win America as XENIA2020. The announcement comes with a 4-part video series entitled XENIA2020 FILMINUTOS. One episode for each remaining week of Spring will air online Wednesdays at Noon leading up to a State of the Artist Address on June 19. Asserting herself as the “Aunt of Midday Cinema” XENIA2020 FILMINUTOS was inspired by Xenia Rubinos’ character work around what it is to redefine her identity in today’s cultural climate. During her research Rubinos took to going out in character on the streets of NYC visiting bars and nightclubs alone to anonymously sing at clubs.

Of her research XENIA2020 says, “For the past few years I’ve been out trying to make some money and a name for myself. I got a regular gig in the city now, it’s not much but they feed me after the shows and if I wear my gold grillz nobody seems to bother me. When it gets late and dark they always request I sing the sad stuff like old boleros but I like to mix it up and throw in some ROSALÍA and Bad Bunny. Most nights no one seems to care either way as long as I wear a dress and sing pretty good.

The first 3 video transmissions of XENIA2020 FILMINUTOS were created in collaboration with Chilean film director Pablo Arribas for La Vitrola, a popular web series of uncut live performances from artists such as Ana Tijoux, Mon Laferte and Javeria Mena. Today La Vitrola unveils XENIA2020’s first Filminuto, “Nadie te Podra Querer” (Nobody’s Gonna Love You) which features an intimate bathroom mirror performance inspired by Cuban classic “El Son de Adalberto”; by Conjunto Rumbavana.

This video short is the first in XENIA2020’s Filminutos series which airs at Noon EST each Wednesday until the summer solstice culminating in a state of the artist address on the last Wednesday of Spring June 19. See the full airing schedule below and follow @xeniarubinos on instagram for more info.

XENIA2020 appears live at the Murmrr Ballroom in Brooklyn on May 29 and May 30 at the Philadelphia Latino Film Festival’s opening night party.



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