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Have Rosie and Elisabeth Called a Truce? Former Foes Bond Over Kids, Gluten

Someone look up to make sure pigs aren’t flying around up there. After years of fighting, making up, then fighting some more, Rosie O’Donnell has reached out to Elisabeth Hasselbeck … via Twitter.

“Hey — how r ur new babies? — how is gracie? I saw her photo — she is beautiful …”tweeted the distinctively brief Rosie on Sunday.Elisabeth responded tweeting, “kids are great @rosie I bet yours are keeping you smiling! Are we really talking on twitter? How about lunch? Gluten free pizza & good talk.”

Rosie’s response: “love 2 … I have the same number – e mail.” So what is behind such a public reaching-out by the soon-to-be OWN network star? That depends on who you ask.

“Rosie has a huge heart and it still bothers her that things between her and Elisabeth ended in such an ugly way,” a friend and former employee of Rosie’s tells me. “Rosie and Elisabeth bonded before the bowup [on ‘The View’ in 2007]. They went to Broadway shows together and were friends off camera.”

Well, until Rosie called Elisabeth “cowardly” on ‘The View’ for not defending her when asked if she believed U.S. troops were terrorists because so many civilians had died in Iraq. “You are my friend since September,” Rosie told Elisabeth at the time. “Do you believe that I think our troops are terrorists?”

Rosie left ‘The View’ in May 2007, then in 2008 she told PEOPLE she had made up with Elisabeth by sending her a baby gift. Later that year she called Elisabeth and Sarah Palin “identical cousins” and “women who hunt in high heels.” Then in 2009 Rosie reportedly called Elisabeth a vulgar slur (can’t print it!) during a stand-up routine on her ‘Girls’ Night Out Tour.’

Others who know Rosie are more cynical about her motives for this recent peace gesture.

“Had Rosie reached out in a private way I would be more likely to believe it,” an ex co-worker of the comedian tells me. “Rosie knows everyone. It would be easy for her to get [Elisabeth’s] email or number.”

Feels like two old pals connecting on Twitter to me. What do you think? While you ponder that, watch the epic fight between the two:

By Rob Shuter



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