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HBO Considering Special Discount For HBO NOW Users

HBO Considering  Special Discount For HBO NOW Users

Cord cutters across the country knew they had turned a corner the moment HBO announced that it was finally placing some distance between itself and traditional pay TV with its new HBO Now service. With this new plan, households that chose not to subscribe to a pay TV service would still be able to access all of HBO’s content with a new streaming-only option. And the best part, perhaps, was that cord cutters knew HBO would be the first of several networks to offer streaming-only options to subscribers.

Though the service just launched a few months ago, it looks as though HBO is already considering yet another move that will make cord cutters happy: Special discounted prices.

For the time being, HBO Now is priced in line with HBO’s pay TV offering. Cable and satellite television subscribers who want to add HBO’s channel lineup to their TV package pay $15 per month to do so, which is exactly what cord cutters can expect to pay for HBO Now.

But HBO also offers a free 30-day trial of its streaming service, and users who don’t purchase an HBO Now subscription at the end of their trials are presented with an interesting survey.


As noted by Cut Cable Today, HBO is asking trial participants to take part in a survey if they choose not to subscribe to the service. The survey poses a variety of question, but one is of particular interest.

“If these offers were available to you for one-time only, how likely would you be to take advantage of each in the next three months?” the survey asks.

Participants are then presented with three different paid options as follows:


With the third option — a year of HBO Now for $99.99 — the cost of the streaming service would drop to just $8.33 per month, which is even cheaper than Netflix’s standard HD streaming plan. Sadly, there’s no telling if or when HBO will offer these special reduced prices.




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