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HBO’s “The Wire” Will Be Making A Remastered Comeback

HBO's "The Wire" Will Be Making A Remastered Comeback

The Wire may have never gotten much Emmy love, but it remains in most people’s minds one of the greatest dramas of all time, and HBO is determined not to let it fade from people’s memories. The show aired in the days before widespread HD and widescreen, but now it’s being cleaned up and rebroadcast by HBO itself.

Right now this is kind of a collection of rumors based on a teaser trailer and some TV listings, but all signs seem to point to the idea that this is actually happening. I’m not sure if “remastered” will be any different than what we already see as the show streams on Amazon or HBO Go, but we can hope.

The Wire ran for five seasons from 2002 to 2008. Seasons one and four had thirteen episodes, seasons two and three had twelve, and season five had ten. I don’t believe HBO is plotting some sort of grand Every Simpsons Ever style rebroadcast where they’ll all be shown in marathon order, but they may indeed get through the entire series by the time the rebroadcast is done.

There’s still no word on the release of a blu-ray for The Wire, something fans have been coveting for quite a long time. The running theory is that maybe this rebroadcast could tie in with a release of a blu-ray at last, maybe showing one remastered season then releasing all five in the format, but nothing like that has been confirmed as of yet.



by Paul Tassi



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