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Henry Cavill in 3-D Film, ‘Immortals’

If this exclusive photo from the forthcoming epic odyssey ‘Immortals’ is any indication, the saga of revenge and tragedy is sure to excite when it hits theaters this fall.

The film, directed by Tarsem Singh (‘The Cell’), boasts Mickey Rourke as the war mongering King Hyperion who is attempting to dethrone the seated Gods of Olympus — but not if lowly stonemason Henry Cavill (pictured, who is slated to star in 2012’s ‘Superman: Man of Steel’) has anything to do with it.
The flick, shot in 3-D, will also bring ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ beauty Freida Pinto along for the ride as a stunning oracle whose visions name Cavill’s character as the future savior of their world. It sounds like a tall order for Cavill, but from the looks of it, he’s got the whole ancient Greek warrior thing down.

Check out director Tarsem Singh’s take on his leading men, Cavill and Rourke:

By Kiki Von Glinow 

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