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Hollywood House Swap: Ryan Seacrest, Ellen DeGeneres & Brad Pitt Invade Each Other’s Space

Hollywood House Swap: Ryan Seacrest, Ellen DeGeneres & Brad Pitt Invade Each Other's Space


Talk about flipping out!

Before Ellen  DeGeneres and Portia  de Rossi decided that Angelina  Jolie and Brad Pitt‘s beachfront home in Malibu was the pile of bricks for them,  they put their Beverly Hills mansion on the market. (Added value alert: It  was where they tied the knot!)

And now Ryan  Seacrest has bought DeGeneres’ not-so-humble abode!

All things considered, how much money has been changing hands here?

First off, DeGeneres and de Rossi paid a bargain $12 million for Brangelina’s  pad, which was originally listed for $13.5 million.

And it turns out that Seacrest may have scored a friend-of-the-family  discount as well. Contrary to reports that he is paying the full sticker  price—$49 million—for the 2.87-acre property, industry sources tell E! News that  $37 million is the actual number.

DeGeneres and de Rossi swapped vows on the grounds of their soon-to-be-former  home—which Ellen originally bought from Will & Grace cocreator Max Mutchnick for $29 million—in August 2008. And yes, Seacrest  was a wedding guest.

The estate boasts a 9,200-square-foot main house, three guest homes, a pair  of swimming pools, koi ponds and fruit trees.

That should be plenty of room for Seacrest, who revealed yesterday on The Howard Stern Show  that he and girlfriend Julianne  Hough are living together. He originally listed his Hollywood Hills  West estate for $14.95 million in 2010, then unlisted it, then relisted it last  month for $11.985 million, per the Los Angeles Times.

Further adding to the surreal-estate scrum: Seacrest’s current address used  to belong to Kevin  Costner! The American Idol judge moved in for $11.5  million in 2006.




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