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Hollywood Serial Prankster Strikes, Again, At Brad Pitt’s Face

Hollywood Serial Prankster Strikes, Again, At Brad Pitt's Face

Actor Brad Pitt fell prey to 25-year-old Ukrainian serial prankster and TV presenter Vitalii Sediuk’s latest outing when he was “struck in the face” by the infamous A-list pest on Wednesday night. Pitt was attending the Los Angeles premiere of his fiancée Angelina Jolie’s new film, Maleficent, at the El Captain Theater on Hollywood Boulevard when he had his first encounter with Vitalii.

According to The DailyMail, Brad Pitt was making his way into the venue via the red carpet when Vitalii made his way past metal barriers and reached the actor. He then lunged towards Pitt, hugged him and struck him on the face. Brad Pitt’s security officers, all six or seven of them, immediately responded and a mini scuffle broke out.

‘He leapt over the barrier and made contact with Brad Pitt,’ said a spokeswoman.

In the melee, Sediuk was thrown to the ground and cuffed. He also nearly lost his trousers. Unaware of the commotion occurring near her fiancée, Angelina Jolie was busy signing autographs in another section. Brad Pitt, for his part, looked dazed and shocked at what had just happened. Meanwhile, tweets and Instagram photos of the attacker were flying across social media.

According to KTLA, the police arrived, and later, Sediuk was booked on suspicion of misdemeanor battery and taken to the Los Angeles Police Department’s Hollywood Station, where he was held in lieu of $20,000 bail.

This is not the first time that Sediuk has managed to turn heads with his annoying pranks. In fact, it was just last week that he attempted to put his head up America Ferrera’s skirt at Cannes, where celebrities were attending the premiere of How To Train Your Dragon 2.

Two years ago, Vitalii was also involved in an ugly spat with Will Smith after he tried to kiss the Men In Black 3 star on the lips at the movie’s premiere. Will Smith angrily exclaimed, ‘Hey man, what the hell is your problem?’

More recently, Sediuk also managed to stage crash the 2013 Grammys, where he rushed to the stage just as Adele was about to receive an award. He grabbed the award from Jennifer Lopez before Adele could take it. Needless to say, he spent the night in jail.

Earlier this year, in January, Bradley Cooper fell prey to his pranks when Vitalii lunged at him and put his face near Bradley’s crotch at the SAG awards. The very next month, Leonardo Di Caprio was amused when Vitalii grabbed the Titanic star by the waist and hugged him.

Unlike Leonardo, Brad Pitt looked extremely annoyed at the prank.


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