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Honolulu Revealed As Highest-Priced U.S. City This Summer, While Las Vegas Offers Significant Savings

Honolulu Revealed As Highest-Priced U.S. City This Summer, While Las Vegas Offers Significant Savings

TripAdvisor® , the world’s largest travel site*, today unveiled TripIndex Cities 2013, the third annual cost comparison of an evening out and overnight stay for two people in popular cities around the world.

TripAdvisor TripIndex Cities is tracked against the U.S. dollar and is based on the combined costs for two for a one night stay in a four-star hotel, cocktails, a two-course dinner paired with a bottle of wine, and round-trip taxi transportation (two miles each way). Costs reflect summer rates (June 1 – August 31, 2013).

Among TripIndex Cities, Honolulu rings up the biggest tab as the most expensive U.S. destination with a TripIndex cost of $504.94, while Las Vegas offers the most affordable stay at $272.94. Oslo, Norway comes in as the costliest global city at $581.08, nearly four times the price of a night spent in Sofia, Bulgaria, the best bargain on the world list at $158.42.

Hotels Hike Prices and Honolulu Hops Spots The TripIndex shows the U.S. average nightly rate for a four-star hotel has risen 18 percent since the 2012 summer travel period.1

The U.S. cities with the largest increase in summer hotel prices, 2012-2013:

  1. Orlando           +33%
  2. Denver            +32%
  3. Honolulu          +29%
  4. Los Angeles    +29%
  5. Seattle             +26%

With the third largest increase in year-over-year hotel rates a contributing factor, Honolulu jumped four spots from last year and is now the most expensive U.S. city on the list, leapfrogging New York City, Boston, and San Francisco, the top three priciest places in 2012.

Head South for Savings For the third consecutive year, the South is the most affordable region in America with five of the 10 least expensive TripIndex cities: Miami (#2), Dallas (#3), Atlanta (#4), New Orleans (#6) and Houston (#7).  Travelers visiting these bargain belles can expect to shell out an average of $336.44, compared to the national average of $398.95.

Affordable Asia Asia is featured heavily in the 10 most affordable international destinations, claiming four cities in total. Hanoi, Vietnam (#2), Bangkok, Thailand (#6), Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (#7) and Riyadh, Saudi Arabia (#10). With an average cost of $203.79, these Asian escapes offer substantial savings as compared to the TripIndex world average of $321.70.

European Expenses Europe is home to the most expensive international cities with six of the top 10 destinations: Oslo, Norway (#1), Zurich, Switzerland (#2), Stockholm, Sweden (#3), Paris, France (#5), London, England (#7)  and Copenhagen, Denmark (#8). Travelers committed to traveling to Europe can find affordable escapes with Sofia, Bulgaria; Warsaw, Poland and Budapest, Hungary all within the top five least expensive international cities, coming in respectively at first, third, and fifth.

TripIndex Cities Fun Facts

  • Travelers can rest their heads for one night in a Honolulu hotel ($389.36) or stay three nights in a Las Vegas hotel for nearly the same price ($135.94, per night)
  • For the price of a round-trip taxi ride in London, England ($41.47) travelers can make a similar journey nearly 20 times in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia ($2.13, each)
  • Two travelers can dine out twice in Taipei, Taiwan ($44.86, dinner for two) for the same price as two rounds of cocktails in Seoul, South Korea ($44.50, two cocktails)

“With travelers’ sights set on summer escapes, TripIndex has identified world class cities where visitors can get the biggest bang for their buck,” said Brooke Ferencsik, director of communications at TripAdvisor. “Although hotel prices are on the rise this summer, travelers looking for deals can find exceptional value for accommodations in popular American destinations such as Las Vegas, Miami and New Orleans.”

TripIndex U.S. Cities

Least Expensive:

DestinationHotelReturn taxi tripDinner for twoCocktails for twoTotal cost
1Las Vegas, Nevada$135.94$21.33$85.00$30.67$272.94
2Miami, Florida$196.46$16.86$76.63$28.67$318.62
3Dallas, Texas$222.92$16.30$68.00$21.33$328.55
4Atlanta, Georgia$221.75$17.89$64.17$27.33$331.14
5Portland, Oregon$241.67$18.74$65.93$21.33$347.67
6New Orleans, Louisiana$235.33$16.53$70.13$26.67$348.66
7Houston, Texas$241.43$18.14$72.33$23.33$355.23
8Minneapolis, Minnesota$265.61$18.73$64.33$23.33$372.00
9Denver, Colorado$280.71$15.48$72.67$21.25$390.11
10Philadelphia, Pennsylvania$275.96$18.95$74.33$24.67$393.91

Most Expensive:

DestinationHotelReturn taxi tripDinner for twoCocktails for twoTotal cost
1Honolulu, Hawaii$389.36$20.32$69.93$25.33$504.94
2New York City, New York$369.77$20.65$81.50$32.33$504.25
3Boston, Massachusetts$351.79$18.80$76.33$26.67$473.59
4San Francisco, California$349.55$21.01$78.00$23.33$471.89
5Chicago, Illinois$323.60$17.19$76.33$31.33$448.45
6Los Angeles, California$321.31$22.33$74.00$29.97$447.61
7Washington, D.C.$324.41$17.72$74.00$30.00$446.13
8Seattle, Washington$313.36$19.52$60.83$21.33$415.04
9Orlando, Florida$291.32$18.17$73.32$26.00$408.81
10San Diego, California$279.62$19.97$74.53$25.33$399.45

TripIndex International Cities Least Expensive:

DestinationHotelReturn taxi tripDinner for twoCocktails for twoTotal cost
1Sofia, Bulgaria$96.29$4.78$40.44$16.91$158.42
2Hanoi, Vietnam$115.10$6.10$36.71$18.23$176.14
3Warsaw, Poland$103.30$13.92$53.15$17.08$187.45
4Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt$101.64$2.90$65.05$21.75$191.34
5Budapest, Hungary$103.89$11.10$49.98$28.47$193.44
6Bangkok, Thailand$109.27$3.13$69.75$19.00$201.15
7Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia$118.81$2.13$70.53$26.26$217.73
8Tunis, Tunisia$156.00$2.59$42.86$17.46$218.91
9Cape Town, South Africa$134.85$13.69$62.07$8.85$219.46
10Riyadh, Saudi Arabia$167.38$6.10$46.66N/A$220.14

Most Expensive:

DestinationHotelReturn taxi tripDinner for twoCocktails for twoTotal cost
1Oslo, Norway$229.99$28.97$276.72$45.40$581.08
2Zurich, Switzerland$298.77$38.94$151.02$34.68$523.41
3Stockholm, Sweden$243.23$27.18$209.50$41.77$521.68
4New York City, U.S.$379.24$22.90$81.50$32.33$515.97
5Paris, France$322.89$17.73$104.72$66.06$511.40
6Sydney, Australia$231.57$24.26$167.28$37.10$460.21
7London, U.K.$271.00$41.47$101.79$37.09$451.35
8Copenhagen, Denmark$219.35$38.47$148.46$37.30$443.58
9Cancun, Mexico$317.17$20.20$80.22$23.47$441.06
10Punta Cana, Dominican Republic$333.90$26.59$53.03$22.14$435.66


TripIndex prices out the following items in each destination to represent the cost of a night out for two people:

  • One night’s accommodation in a four-star hotel
  • Cocktails for two people
  • Dinner for two (two courses and a bottle of house wine)
  • Round-trip taxi transportation (two taxi journeys of two miles each)


About TripAdvisor TripAdvisor® is the world’s largest travel site*, enabling travelers to plan and have the perfect trip. TripAdvisor offers trusted advice from real travelers and a wide variety of travel choices and planning features with seamless links to booking tools. TripAdvisor branded sites make up the largest travel community in the world, with more than 200 million unique monthly visitors**, and over 100 million reviews and opinions covering more than 2.5 million accommodations, restaurants and attractions. The sites operate in 30 countries worldwide, including China under TripAdvisor also includes TripAdvisor for Business, a dedicated division that provides the tourism industry access to millions of monthly TripAdvisor visitors.




SOURCE  TripAdvisor



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