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Hope Solo Plans To Motion For Her Domestic Abuse Charges Be Dropped

Hope Solo Plans To Motion For Her Domestic Abuse Charges Be Dropped

Hope Solo has a Dec. 30 hearing after filing a motion to dismiss domestic abuse charges against her.

The U.S. women’s star goalkeeper is asking that two counts of fourth-degree assault, stemming from a June 21 altercation with her sister and 17-year-old nephew, be dropped because her attorney hasn’t been able to interview the alleged victims.

“The defense has been seriously prejudiced by the actions of the City’s witnesses,” attorney Todd Maybrown wrote in the motion, filed Wednesday in Kirkland (Wash.) Municipal Court. “… It now appears that these witnesses will never cooperate or appear for depositions.”

A judge last month granted Maybrown permission to interview both witnesses, and Maybrown said he has made “countless” attempts to schedule the depositions. But the depositions have yet to take place, with Maybrown claiming that the witnesses’ attorney canceled a Dec. 2 meeting a few hours before it was scheduled over procedural language.

Since then, the attorney for Solo’s sister and nephew has failed to respond to a prosecutor’s request for an alternate date, Maybrown said.

Prosecutors haven’t provided copies of interviews with the alleged victims, either, Maybrown said.

“Defense counsel cannot fairly or effectively prepare this case for trial without completing the depositions … in a time and manner that would allow for follow-up investigation,” he wrote.

Following the fury over the domestic abuse cases involving the NFL’s Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson, U.S. Soccer has been criticized for allowing Solo to continue playing. She was in goal for the U.S. women’s 1-1 draw with China on Wednesday in the opener of the International Tournament of Brasilia.

According to documents obtained by the Seattle Times, Solo charged her nephew, punched him in the face and tackled him. When the teen’s mother tried to intervene, Solo attacked her as well. When police arrived, the nephew’s T-shirt was torn, he had scratch marks on his arms and was bleeding from a cut on his ear.

But Maybrown said at the November hearing that Solo had acted in self-defense after her nephew got angry and began hitting her with a broom handle. The attorney expanded on that in the motion to dismiss, saying that the 6-foot-9 and 280-pound 17-year-old is “much larger” than the 5-foot-9 Solo. Maybrown also claims that Solo was hit with so much force the broom handle broke and she suffered a concussion.





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