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Hugo Chavez Says He May Sing With Calle 13

These days, it feels like we need to take Hugo Chavez statements with a grain of salt. The Venezuelan President has boasted about his celebrity pals quite a bit in the past, with stories that don’t always hold true (remember Shakira’s autographed guitar?) And this time, he’s claiming that Calle 13 asked him to record a song on their new album.

According to Chavez, both Residente and Visitante approached him about a musical collaboration. He jokingly addressed it as a “surprise” when speaking on Venezuelan TV.

“I have a surprise for you,” Hugo told viewers, when referring to Calle 13. “Now I not only dance Joropo, but also Rap and Hip-Hop.”

Now, for the record, Chavez does have a fondness for a good melody. He’s initiated some highly regarded music programs in his country (which helped launch the career of Gustavo Dudamel) and can supposedly play guitar rather well.

But will he really be putting his rap skills to the test on the next Calle 13 album? It sounds pretty doubtful to us.



By Michael Lopez



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