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iCarly Star Miranda Cosgrove Off to College!

iCarly Star Miranda Cosgrove Off to College!


Miranda Cosgrove is saying goodbye to iCarly. The  Nick show is currently shooting its sixth—and final!—season.

“Everybody’s been crying,” the 19-year-old told us at last night’s Young  Hollywood Awards. “But it’s nice because everybody’s moving on to new things.  But we’ve all had so much fun doing the show. It’s definitely sad.”

But it’s not like Cosgrove doesn’t have big plans ahead of her…

Cosgrove is gearing up for her first year of college in L.A.!

“I’m going on a little summer tour and then I’m going to start at USC in  August,” she said.

“College is awesome,” she continued. “I guess I really don’t know what to  expect because I’ve been home schooling a long time. So I think I’m just excited  to be back in a classroom with kids and stuff.”

As for filming iCarly‘s finale episode, Cosgrove dished, “I’ve been  crying, especially because everything is the last now. The last table read, the  last rehearsal, the last scene. So yeah, we’re kind of breaking everything down  and getting really sad.”

She fittingly added, “It’s like graduation.”






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