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IGN’s Mega Movie Christmas Movie Chart

IGN's Mega Movie Christmas Movie Chart

If there’s one festive tradition we can wholly support at IGN (apart from getting blind drunk and puking on the family cat), it’s the Christmas movie. There’s nothing more likely to fill you with festive cheer than settling down on the sofa with a mince pie and pint of sherry, ready to watch one of the all-time Christmas classics. The problem is, with over 100 years of cinema at your disposal, it can be hard to decide which festive fave should you kick off with first.

We recently posted a list of IGN Editor’s Favourite Holiday Movies as well as your favourite festive flicks as suggested on Twitter, but if that still hasn’t helped you to decide which Christmas film you need to put yourself in the mood, then our Christmas Movie Matrix should help.

Whether you want something heartwarming or bloodcurdling, or something to watch drunken with with your friends, or snuggled on the sofa with your family, there’s a Christmas film here for every occasion. Simply use the matrix above to help you choose the movie to suit your mood.

Or if you still can’t decide, why not just print it out, stick it on your dartboard and let fate decide.

Either way, you’re on to a winner as all of the films on the chart are bona fide classics! While you’re looking for festive cheer, why not check our list of the Top 15: Favourite Christmas Movies?



Tom Butler, Via IGN

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