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BING BONG is the imaginary friend of Riley. Unfortunately, he has been unemployed since he was 4 and is desperate not to be left as Riley grows.

Meet Bong Bong

Fun Facts:

• Richard Kind was chosen to be the voice of Bing Bong. “Before their minds develop at all, children invent many friends you can talk when they feel lonely or afraid,” said Kind. “And they are very real, they are real friends. Do they have any logic? Not at all. But an imaginary friend can be comforting and always there when you need it”.

• “Bing Bong is made of cotton candy,” Docter says. “He has a heart of nougat, that we never see in reality and in terms of its form, is part cat, elephant party and, according to him, part dolphin, which is a bit suspect. Basically, it is an amalgam of all things that we loved as children. ”

The artists were inspired by principle in the imaginary childhood friend of the director, who was at least partly elephant says Sasaki. “As a kid, I loved the animal crackers. You could make one’s head and combine it with the body of another. There is something very nice about it. Then it became ‘why can not the whiskers of a cat? and ‘let’s stick dog ears and tail of a raccoon.’ “

The animation team used as reference to Oliver Hardy, Jackie Gleason and John Candy to help define the character. “The hardest thing with Bing Bong was technically resolve the mouth,” says Navone. “His mouth must become very large and lips around it like a piece of candy licorice;.. It’s a bit like Art in ‘Monsters University” It was a challenge in terms of processing for it to remain single then add the Bing Bong tube and was even more difficult.”



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