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iPad2 Lets Gamers Get Their ‘Touch’ On


Who needs control pads, joysticks, and buttons, when you’ve got a sleek flatscreen to run your fingers across? Sure it might not seem like your average gaming device, but the iPad 2 could give Nintendo’s Wii a run for its money, especially with its unique selection of interactive apps.

Since its release, Apple’s newest tablet has proven itself to be a major hit, selling over 2.5 million units in just over a month. With its increased size and processing speed, the iPad 2 offers a lot more gaming opportunities than the standard smartphone. Plus its larger screen makes those Angry Birds and Scrabble words a lot more colorful and crisp.

And though its title selection may not be as vast as what you’d find on the Xbox or the PS3, Ipad 2’s gaming options are just as fun and just as intricate. Osmos, for example, only consists of bubbles on a screen. But trying to tap your finger to delicately move them in the proper direction can be insanely challenging (and quite addicting).

Puzzle fans may also want to download World of Goo. Created by independent publisher 2D Boy, this animated brain-teaser lets you build towers and bridges using simple gobs of ooze. Perfect for wannabe architects and slime lovers of all ages, it forces gamers to get creative with their constructions, utilizing pipes and avoiding nasty thorns.

And everyone who thought an iPad role-playing-game was impossible, think again. Superbrothers: Sword & Sorcery is taking all of the classic medieval elements RPG fans know and love and bringing them into the touchscreen world. Utilizing point-and-click technology, this massive fantasy adventure takes gamers to the land of Trigon and mixes in an incredible musical score.

Of course, no iPad game breakdown would be complete without some form of Angry Birds. This time we’re talking about Trucks & Skulls, a unique “guy-friendly” slant on the high-flying epic we know and love. This time instead of red feathers and beaks, you’ll be hurling monster trucks through the air in the hopes of demolishing evil skeleton heads. Definitely a must-download for all iPad gear-heads.

Obviously that’s just the tip of the iceberg. There’s also Infinity Blade, Mirror’s Edge, and a ton of other video games available. Just make sure you have a plug and an outlet nearby, because these addictive apps have been known to put a major drain on the battery bar!

By: Michael Lopez



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