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Is Adele Singing the New James Bond Theme Tune?

Is Adele Singing the New James Bond Theme Tune?


Adele’s two hit albums have been titled 19 and 21; now she may be ready to add the numbers 007 to her oeuvre. Movie website Total Film has reportedly confirmed that the 24-year-old British singer-songwriter is recording the theme song to the new James Bond movie, Skyfall, which premieres Oct. 26 and hits U.S. theaters Nov. 9.

Total Film reports that Adele’s track will be called “Skyfall” — in keeping with the tradition that Bond theme songs mirror the title of the movie, from “Goldfinger” to “Live and Let Die” — and that the singer “had been spotted at an MGM recording studio a couple of weeks ago.” Rumors of Adele’s involvement, Total Film stated, “can now be confirmed as fact” — although the website failed to state who confirmed the information. Sony Pictures, when reached for comment by NewsFeed, was unable to confirm the story.

If and when the rumor is confirmed, it will mark the first release by the celebrated singer since 2011’s megaselling 21. In the intervening year, Adele has undergone throat microsurgery and recently announced that she’s pregnant — and in fact may be expecting the same week the movie debuts in the U.K. The singer herself quite possibly dropped a major hint about Skyfall in an interview she gave on British TV last year. “I’m going back in the studio in November, fingers crossed,” she told Jonathan Ross. “Well, this is actually a theme that I’ve got to do. Wow, that’s really giving something away.”

British bookmaker William Hill, for one, doesn’t require any further convincing: it announced on Monday it would start paying out to customers who placed money on her singing the title track. “The way our punters were backing her, it seems as though Adele was going to be the only option to sing the Skyfall theme,” a spokesman said. “We are now unfortunately shaken, not stirred by this particular Bond battering.”



By Glen Levy

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