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Is Michael Fassbender Nervous for Mom to See Sex-Addict Movie? “I Gave Her Enough Warning!”

We imagine Google searches about Michael  Fassbender went up—way up—on Sunday night after George Clooney joked that he  probably had the ability to play golf with both hands behind his back.

We also imagine tickets sales for Shame—the indie drama that shows  Fassbender playing golf  naked a lot—also got a nice bump.

But is it any surprise that

Fassbender’s mom has yet to see the film.

“She’s going to see it this week,” Fassy told me at the Golden Globes.

The  indie flick centers around a sex addict (Fassbender) and his mentally  unstable sister (Carey Mulligan). The bedroom scenes leave little to  the imagination.

Back in November, Fassbender told me how his mom  had to bail on the movie’s  premiere at the Venice Film Festival, because  she wasn’t feeling well.  “Throughout the movie I was thinking, thank  God my mother’s not here,” he told  me at the time.

But now he’s ready for it.

“She knows all about it,” Fassbender said. “I gave her enough warning—and my  dad did, too.”

And so did George Clooney.


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